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  Twali Construction cc None Executive Summary for, Emergency Procurement-Remedial Works at Nkurenkuru PHC Clinic for the Ministry of Health and Social Services in the Kavango West Region
  None of the bidders were successful due to unclear technical specifications. None

Executive Summary for cancellation for the Supply and delivery of Nursing Scrubs for Mental Health Care Centre - Windhoek Central Hospital

  Central Technical Supplies (Pty) Ltd NCS/RFQ/1304IO-23/2020 Executive Summary for Removal of the existing Incinerator, replacement, delivery and installation of the LA 150 model Incinerator at Tsumeb District Hospital, Oshikoto Region.
  JFT Pharmacare, Novo Medical Supplies, Tia's Medical Supplies, Ongozi Medical Supplies, Wandeuya Investment CC, Erongomed, New-Med & Afrimed Investment CC - Executive Summary of Bid Evaluation Report
  Rendez Vous Investment cc, Muno Trading cc, Africhem Investment cc, Nelito Investment cc, M& M Investment  Holding (Pty) Ltd, Tia;s Medical Supplies, Navara Investment cc G/ONB/1309FO-17/2019 Supply and Delivery of cleaning Material for a period of 148 months of the Ministry of Health and Social Services 
  Namalwa Trading cc W/EP/1308PF-73/2019 Acceptance of the Bid No:W/EP/1308PF-73/2019 for the construction of the New Pre-Fabricated Mothers' Lodging at Onandjokwe Hospital-Oniipa in Oshikoto Region /documents/119527/574614/EXECUTIVE+SUMMARY+FOR+ONANDJOKWE+PRE-FABRICATED.pdf/b9347051-4b3c-445d-a9df-2dcd0c5d5632


Tulipamwe Catering Services  and Pamo Enterprises cc

- Acceptance of offer for the mergency Procurement for Rendering of Catering Services for the period of four (4) months from 01 April 2020 and 31st July 2020 for Otjozondjupa and Khomas region 
  Onuno Trading cc NCS/RFQ/1304KE-284/2019 Transportation of Household goods from Katjinakatji clinic, Namibia to Harare, Zimbabwe - Directorate: Kavango Region
  None of the bidders were successful due to the following reasons: wrong specifications, wrong quantity items and catalogue brochure was not requested. None Cancellation: Service and repair of the Septic tank system at Radionuclide Treatment room for Windhoek Central Hospital
  New Medical Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd G/RFQ/1303KR-283/2019 Procurement of IVAC Lines for the Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  None of the bidders were responsive None Cancellation and re-advertisement: Supply and delivery of Resuscitator (Ambubag) adult and paediatric for Windhoek Central Hospital
  Performance Development Centre CC G/EP/13122HI-59/2019 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Training of Camera/ Temperature Scanners (Ebola) for the Directorate: Health Information and Research
  Tia's Medical Supplies and M&M Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd G/ONB/13-6/2019 Supply and Delivery of plastic bags /
  Supremo Pharmaceuticals G/OIB/1313MS-1/2019 Procurement of Male Condoms
  None-All bidders were non responsive NCS/RFP/1306SO-2/2019 Consultant on legal drafters for the drafting of the bill on prevention and treatment of substance abuse-MoHSS 
  survival Tradinng cc NCS /RFq/1304EO-221/20219 Supply,Delivery , Installtion , Testing Commisioning and Maintanance of the Air Conditiuoning & Ventilation System for Gobabis District Hospital
  WT Business Group (PTY) Ltd W/ONB/1308PF-21/2019 Construction of the New Prefabricated (PHC) clinic, staff accommodation and auxiliary services at Muzii in the Zambezi Region
  ABC  Investment  cc W/ONB/1308PF-20/2019 Construction of New Medical  Waste Incenerator in Katima Mulilo District Hospital in Zambezi Region
  Awarded partially to Bio Dynamics, Cereal Investments cc, Dynamo Investments cc, Erongo Agencies, Flolhuda Trading Enterprise, Galen Supplies, MR Investment cc, Nampharm, Supremo Pharmaceuticals, Windhoek Medical Supplies, Zeruka Trading cc G/ONB/1313MS-13-2019 Supply and Delivey of Gloves and Sterilization materials to Central Medical Stores - MoHSS
  Awarded partially  to Oshisindo Investment cc and G-tech Machine Repairs and Sales Services  G/FRQ/1304KE-174/2019 Procurement of Cartridges for the Directorate : Kavango Health Directorate
  Awarded  partially Oshisindo Investment cc and Ondombe Investment cc G/FRQ/1303OR-173/2019 Supply and Delivery of cartridges for the Intermediate Hospital Oshakati
  Matty Shine Trading cc W/RFQ/1304ZO-170/2019 Minor Repairs needed at Okahandja and Nau-Aib Clinic
  Oniidhila Investment cc G/IQ/1302Eo-233/2019 Procurement of Date Stamps for the office of the Deputy Executive Director and Regional Health Directorate
  Genmed cc G/RFQ/1303WS-2018/2019 Acceptance of Qoutation for Supply and Delivery of the Instrument for Doudenoscope for Windhoek Central Hospital
  Namlink Trading cc G/RFQ/1303WS-163/2019 Acceptance of Qoutation for Supply and Delivery Refuse Plastic Bags (Black and Red) for Windhoek Central Hospital
  Partially awarded to Semeth Investment cc and G-Tech Equipment cc G/RFQ/1302EO-219/2019 Acceptance od offer for quotation to procure cartridges and wirless keyboard for thhe Office of the Executive Director
  Partially awarded to Jupiter Solutions and Afrimed Investment cc G/RFQ/1303WS-12/2019 Acceptance of qoutation : Supply and Delivery of clinical items for the Directorate : Windhoek Central Hospital (occupational Therapy Departmet)
  Partially awarded to Ceremony Investment cc, Geromnika Investment cc, Vilokap Trading cc and Trustvia Trading cc NCS/IQ/1304IQ-30/2019 Removal of mud solid underneath the septic tank at Onyaanya
  Bea- Lee Investment cc W/RFQ/1308PF-18/2019 Acceptance  of qoutation minor renovation work needed at Khorixas
  Partially awarded to Genmed Enterprises  cc and  Novo Medical Supplies  cc G/RFQ/1303WS-17/2019 Acceptance of quotation for the supply and delivery of cardiac unit consumables for : Windhoek Central Hospital
  Extreme Travel and Tours cc NCS/RFQ/1302HO-15/2019 Provision of Return Air Ticlkets from Windhoek to China
  Tarves Trading Enterprises cc NCS/RFQ/1304HO-16/2019 Transpotation of household goods for Mr. L.F. Amadhila from Windhoek to Oshipumbu Shomugongo
  Partialyy awrded to Jupiter Solution, Fith Chambers Medical Services cc, Ira Investment cc and Namhealth Suppliers  G/RFQ/1303WS-14/2019 Acceptance of quotation : Supply and Delivery of Clinical items for Windhoek Central Hospital (Cardiac Unit)
  Partially awarded to Genmed  , Jupiter Solution cc and Newmed Medical  G/RFQ/1303KR-13/2019 Accepatance of Quotation : Supply and Delivery of Clinial Item for the Directorate : Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  Partially awarded to  Novo Medical Supplies cc and MK Medical Supplies & Hospital Solution cc G/RFQ/1303WS-11/2019 Supply and Delivery of SLS clips and heart intervention for cardiac unit threatre: Windhoek Central Hospital
  A- Class Investement cc - Acceptance of qoutation to procure stationery for the Directorate : HRM and General Services
  Afrimed Investment cc - Supply and delivery and Mattresses for the Directorate: Omaheke Region and Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  Cernol Chemicals (Pty) Ltd G/RFQ/1304RO-8/2019 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials , Directorate://Kharas Region
  Afrimed Investment cc G/RFQ/1304UO-10/2019 Medical Instuments and Equipment for the Directorate:  Omusati Region
  Partially awarded to Romecl Trading Enterprises cc and Afrimed Investment cc G/RFQ/1303OH-1/2019 Supply and Delivery of linen for the Intermediate Hospital Onandjokwe
  Swaco Industries Namibia G/IQ/1303/WS-10/2019 Supply and Delivery od Equipment for Tertiary Health Care and Supporty Services
  Partially awarded to : Faal Investment cc and Innova Investment cc G/RFQ/1308PO-5/2019 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials for the Directorate : PP& HRD
  Tekmak Investment cc G/IQ/1303KR-12/2019 Procurement of Toners for Intermediate Hospital Katutura (HRM)
  Partially  awarded to Pohifa Investment cc and Ebikaizo Trading cc G/RFQ/1303KR-2/2019 Transpotation of household goods from Nambia to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Zambia
  GDN Investment cc G/IQ/130KR-11/2019 Lamination machine for A3,A4, and A5 for the Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  PC Centre G/IQ/1302HO-4/2019 Request for Qouation for the procurement of microsoft office MAC home business 2019 FPP for the Excutive Director
  ETN Techinical Services W/ONB/1304UO-11/2018 Construction of Oikokola PHC Clinic in Omusati Region
  Oshana Power Line  W/ONB/1304/UO-12/2018 Medium and low voltage electrial installation works at Oikokola PHC Clinic in Omusati Region
  Twali Contruction cc W/RFQ/1304WO-311/2018 Construction of a new waiting area at Ondombe Clinic for the Directorate: Ohangwena Region
  ETN Techinical Services cc W/ONB/1304NO-7/2018  Construction of Diamond mesh and Palisade Fencing at Opuwo in Kunene Region
  Gems Engineering & Road Construction Pty Ltd JV Weihai Construction Group Namibia Pty Ltd W/ONB/1304RO-8/2018 Completion of renovations and new works to OPD and Ablution block at Okahao District Hospital in Omusati Region
  Wecca Investment JV Legacy Project cc W/ONB/1304OR-6/2018 Renovation of the Intermadiate Hospital Oshakati Psychiatric Unit in Oshana Region
  Namalwa  Trading cc W/ONB/1304OR-5/2018 Construction of the Pre-Fabricated student Nurses Accomondation at Aroab, Warmband and Tses in //Kharas Region