Management Development Forum
07 Mar 2016

The Ministry of Health and Social Services held its Annual Management Development Forum on 29 February to 4th March 2016.

This is an annual gathering that brings together all management and middle management cadres from all health directorates including regional health directorates aimed at deliberating on challenges and recommendations on how to improve service delivery in the Ministry.

This year the top executive managers Honourable Minister, Bernard Haufiku and Permanent Secretary Dr.  Andreas Mwoombola organised the event in a unique and more effective manner geared towards the envisaged turn around strategy of the Ministry.

The facilitator of the forum, was Professor Jan Filochowski, from Brunel University in London, also a retired hospital chief executive inspector.      

The forum discussed various areas of concerns including the lack of a proper communication process in the Ministry with clients, public members, staff members etc.  The delegates agreed on a communication strategy to solve these isssue and update the Ministerial website to become the primary tool for information dissemination for the Ministry.

The forum further gave areas of priorities to be addressed and implemented at the end of 2016/17 by the office of the Minister and Permanent Secretary as highlighted:


A lot of improper conducts have become cultural practise and need corrected.  

Behaviour  Improper behaviours need to be reversed and correct behaviours re-established.
Communication Lack of proper communication channels and un clear cuts of responsibilities should be restored.
Accountability  Lack of accountability is being experienced, job descriptions are lacking and hence all these measures are due for correction.
Delivery  Heavy workloads for staffs hampering quality health care.

People felt less values/or not valued.No rewards for doing a good work. 

Processes In effective planning and budget processes
Training Lack of a proper training structure and induction.