Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Ministry of Health and Services is leading the NAMPHIA survey in collaboration with the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) and the Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP). The survey is supported by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Why should men participate?

  • Men matter. This survey wants to understand the health of men, so we can improve the health services available to men.

Why should women participate?

  • Women use the health system more than anyone else. This survey wants to understand how the health system is serving women’s health and how it can be improved.

Why should young people participate?

  • Young people are Namibia’s future. This survey wants to hear from young people so that Namibia can improve services to help youth stay healthy.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers on NAMPHIA.

?    What is NAMPHIA?

  • The Namibia Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (NAMPHIA) survey is an initiative to measure the reach and impact of HIV programs in the country.

  • It is a household based survey covering approximately 12,000 randomly selected households countrywide. The survey will start in 2017.

  • Participation in the survey is purely voluntary.

  • The survey consists of a questionnaire, an HIV test in the household using the national algorithm for rapid HIV testing, as well as additional blood tests.

?    Why NAMPHIA?

  • After years of scaling up HIV treatment, it is time to look at the state of the HIV epidemic in Namibia and the impact of prevention, care and treatment services.

  •  NAMIBIA will generate population-based data on HIV which will enable a better understanding of the impact of the HIV response in the country and help guide policy and funding priorities to improve health programs and resources.

?    What are the benefits for participants?

  • NAMPHIA will help those participating in the survey learn about their current health status through testing. Participants will receive referrals for clinical care as needed. Participants will be contributing valuable information that will benefit all Namibians.

  • Participant’s information will improve the health system and help the Ministry of Health and Social Services and other policy makers improve HIV prevention, care, and treatment services in Namibia.

  • Participants who test HIV-positive will also receive CD4 and viral load testing. They will be provided with a referral form so that they may choose a health facility to go to for care.

  • With participants’ permission, viral load results will be returned to the health facility of their choice so that they can discuss the test results with a doctor or nurse for enhanced care.

  • With parental consent, NAMPHIA will also test children in selected households for HIV. This will enable parents to learn about their children’s health status and enroll them early in care and treatment programs.

  • Free pre- and post-test counseling services will be provided in the privacy and comfort of participants’ homes.

  • NAMPHIA survey information is confidential and the survey staff is trained to keep all survey interview discussions confidential.


Why should I participate if I know I am HIV positive?

  • Hearing the perspectives of HIV-positive people is also important to the survey and will help inform the development of new programs for people living with HIV.

Why should men?

  • We can better understand what the needs of men are so we can improve health services.

Why women?

  •  Women use the health system more than anyone else and this survey wants to understand how the system is serving women’s health and how it can be improved.

Why young people?

  • This survey wants to hear from young people to improve youth-friendly services and help them stay healthy.

   What are the general benefits?

  • NAMPHIA will help the country to strengthen HIV/AIDS and related health programs. 

  • NAMPHIA will help the country to align and meet the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets for an AIDS-free Namibia.


For more information contact:

(PI) Mr. Nicholus Mutenda


Telephone: 061 203 2436