New Pharmaceutical Management System Launched
28 Jun 2016

The Ministry has a new Pharmaceutical Management Information Dashboard system, launched on 23 June 2016 by the Minister - Dr. Bernard Haufiku. This is a computerized stock management system for the efficient flow of pharmaceutical information at all central and regional medical stores, district and referral hospitals. It will gradually replace the paper-based stock card currently in use.


Benefits of the Dashboard system

  • Increase visibility of stock status data that improves pharmaceutical supply chain decision making.
  • Identify potential stock outs and overstocking to enable timely redistribution of health products.
  • Efficient management of pharmaceutical products to maximise availably and to minimize wastage.


Key Features of the Dashboard system

  • Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Dashboard – provides a summary of the number of people accessing HIV treatment and an early warning on potential stock-outs of ARV medications.
  • Pharmaceutical Dashboard – provides stock status for all essential health products at all central and regional medical stores and health facilities.
  • PMIS Dashboard – trends 22 essential pharmaceutical information management indicators.


NB!!! As of June 2016, the system is implemented in 15 out of 35 state hospitals.


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