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  Awarded partially  to Oshisindo Investment cc and G-tech Machine Repairs and Sales Services  G/FRQ/1304KE-174/2019 Procurement of Cartridges for the Directorate : Kavango Health Directorate
  Awarded  partially Oshisindo Investment cc and Ondombe Investment cc G/FRQ/1303OR-173/2019 Supply and Delivery of cartridges for the Intermediate Hospital Oshakati
  Matty Shine Trading cc W/RFQ/1304ZO-170/2019 Minor Repairs needed at Okahandja and Nau-Aib Clinic
  Oniidhila Investment cc G/IQ/1302Eo-233/2019 Procurement of Date Stamps for the office of the Deputy Executive Director and Regional Health Directorate
  Genmed cc G/RFQ/1303WS-2018/2019 Acceptance of Qoutation for Supply and Delivery of the Instrument for Doudenoscope for Windhoek Central Hospital
  Namlink Trading cc G/RFQ/1303WS-163/2019 Acceptance of Qoutation for Supply and Delivery Refuse Plastic Bags (Black and Red) for Windhoek Central Hospital
  Partially awarded to Semeth Investment cc and G-Tech Equipment cc G/RFQ/1302EO-219/2019 Acceptance od offer for quotation to procure cartridges and wirless keyboard for thhe Office of the Executive Director
  Partially awarded to Jupiter Solutions and Afrimed Investment cc G/RFQ/1303WS-12/2019 Acceptance of qoutation : Supply and Delivery of clinical items for the Directorate : Windhoek Central Hospital (occupational Therapy Departmet)
  Partially awarded to Ceremony Investment cc, Geromnika Investment cc, Vilokap Trading cc and Trustvia Trading cc NCS/IQ/1304IQ-30/2019 Removal of mud solid underneath the septic tank at Onyaanya
  Bea- Lee Investment cc W/RFQ/1308PF-18/2019 Acceptance  of qoutation minor renovation work needed at Khorixas
  Partially awarded to Genmed Enterprises  cc and  Novo Medical Supplies  cc G/RFQ/1303WS-17/2019 Acceptance of quotation for the supply and delivery of cardiac unit consumables for : Windhoek Central Hospital
  Extreme Travel and Tours cc NCS/RFQ/1302HO-15/2019 Provision of Return Air Ticlkets from Windhoek to China
  Tarves Trading Enterprises cc NCS/RFQ/1304HO-16/2019 Transpotation of household goods for Mr. L.F. Amadhila from Windhoek to Oshipumbu Shomugongo
  Partialyy awrded to Jupiter Solution, Fith Chambers Medical Services cc, Ira Investment cc and Namhealth Suppliers  G/RFQ/1303WS-14/2019 Acceptance of quotation : Supply and Delivery of Clinical items for Windhoek Central Hospital (Cardiac Unit)
  Partially awarded to Genmed  , Jupiter Solution cc and Newmed Medical  G/RFQ/1303KR-13/2019 Accepatance of Quotation : Supply and Delivery of Clinial Item for the Directorate : Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  Partially awarded to  Novo Medical Supplies cc and MK Medical Supplies & Hospital Solution cc G/RFQ/1303WS-11/2019 Supply and Delivery of SLS clips and heart intervention for cardiac unit threatre: Windhoek Central Hospital
  A- Class Investement cc - Acceptance of qoutation to procure stationery for the Directorate : HRM and General Services
  Afrimed Investment cc - Supply and delivery and Mattresses for the Directorate: Omaheke Region and Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  Cernol Chemicals (Pty) Ltd G/RFQ/1304RO-8/2019 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials , Directorate://Kharas Region
  Afrimed Investment cc G/RFQ/1304UO-10/2019 Medical Instuments and Equipment for the Directorate:  Omusati Region
  Partially awarded to Romecl Trading Enterprises cc and Afrimed Investment cc G/RFQ/1303OH-1/2019 Supply and Delivery of linen for the Intermediate Hospital Onandjokwe
  Swaco Industries Namibia G/IQ/1303/WS-10/2019 Supply and Delivery od Equipment for Tertiary Health Care and Supporty Services
  Partially awarded to : Faal Investment cc and Innova Investment cc G/RFQ/1308PO-5/2019 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials for the Directorate : PP& HRD
  Tekmak Investment cc G/IQ/1303KR-12/2019 Procurement of Toners for Intermediate Hospital Katutura (HRM)
  Partially  awarded to Pohifa Investment cc and Ebikaizo Trading cc G/RFQ/1303KR-2/2019 Transpotation of household goods from Nambia to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Zambia
  GDN Investment cc G/IQ/130KR-11/2019 Lamination machine for A3,A4, and A5 for the Intermediate Hospital Katutura
  PC Centre G/IQ/1302HO-4/2019 Request for Qouation for the procurement of microsoft office MAC home business 2019 FPP for the Excutive Director
  ETN Techinical Services W/ONB/1304UO-11/2018 Construction of Oikokola PHC Clinic in Omusati Region
  Oshana Power Line  W/ONB/1304/UO-12/2018 Medium and low voltage electrial installation works at Oikokola PHC Clinic in Omusati Region
  Twali Contruction cc W/RFQ/1304WO-311/2018 Construction of a new waiting area at Ondombe Clinic for the Directorate: Ohangwena Region
  ETN Techinical Services cc W/ONB/1304NO-7/2018  Construction of Diamond mesh and Palisade Fencing at Opuwo in Kunene Region
  Gems Engineering & Road Construction Pty Ltd JV Weihai Construction Group Namibia Pty Ltd W/ONB/1304RO-8/2018 Completion of renovations and new works to OPD and Ablution block at Okahao District Hospital in Omusati Region
  Wecca Investment JV Legacy Project cc W/ONB/1304OR-6/2018 Renovation of the Intermadiate Hospital Oshakati Psychiatric Unit in Oshana Region
  Namalwa  Trading cc W/ONB/1304OR-5/2018 Construction of the Pre-Fabricated student Nurses Accomondation at Aroab, Warmband and Tses in //Kharas Region